Payroll Services

Payroll Check Preparation
We will prepare your payroll checks on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. In addition you can determine whether you would like direct deposit or actual checks.

Quarterly Federal 941 Reporting
Each Quarter as a business owner with employees, you are required to report to the federal government your quarterly payroll tax liability and will will provide this reporting to you at no additional charge.

Quarterly State Unemployment Tax Reporting
If your business is in a state that requires employers to pay on a quarterly basis state unemployment taxes, we will prepare these reports for our clients in which we are providing payroll services.

State Withholding Tax Reporting
We can prepare your state Quarterly or Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld. At year end, we reconcile your quarterly or monthly reporting to your annual reporting.

Monthly Federal Tax Deposits
If your quarterly Tax return exceeds 2,500, the IRS requires employers to make monthly federal tax deposits. This add’l reporting is provided to you are no charge if you are a payroll client of Fields Financial Professionals.

Year End Payroll Tax Reporting Federal Forms 940, W-2’s, and 1099’s
We can prepare the year end W-2’s for your employees and 1099’s for your independent contractors. Throughout the year-end process we reconcile your quarterly reporting to your annual reporting to assure that everything balances.